Do you support a child under the age of 5 years that has been diagnosed with Autism?

The importance of early intervention (EI) for children with delays in development has been well established by researchers over the past several decades.  Children with Autism often struggle with delays in many areas of development-especially communication and social skills.  Research in the field of communication development for children with Autism has show us how valuable AAC strategies are in helping children on the Autism learn language and develop speech production.  Whether as a supplement  or alternative to verbal communication, AAC is essential in helping these children reach their optimal communication and social potentials. Since there are no pre-requisites to communication, there are no pre-requisites to communication through AAC and therefore, these strategies should be introduced to children with Autism and other complex communication challenges within the early, critical years of development.  

Seattle AAC offers consultation services for professionals and families supporting young children with Autism to help each child get his or her best start!

We integrate evidenced-based therapeutic approaches- such as DIR/Floortime and Hanen-with principles of AAC intervention and parent coaching to create a motivating and supportive communication experience for very young children and their families.  Find out more about the importance of introducing AAC early on and schedule your consultation today to get started with a toolbox for successful communication now and for years to come!